Desperation makes good people do bad things. Many of you have been bombarded over the last few days with salacious mailers, nasty robocalls and unwanted text messages. All have been in a desperate attempt to attack or degrade myself and my personal character. Throughout I have continued to work in my community and continue to contribute as I have since I chose to move my family to Dripping Springs a decade ago, and as I will continue to do as long as I am physically able.

According to the latest campaign filings posted yesterday, my opponent has received over 85% of his contributed funds from the donations of one lone developer and his attorney to the tune of $50,000. A developer who lives in East Texas and yet claims our town for business purposes. It appears to be an attempt to buy both a candidate and an election for his own personal gain and at the expense of transportation options for the greater community. All this while constantly attacking those in our community who have chosen to support me. I was proud to have about 250 Hays County citizens come to my kickoff event, folks writing contributions of as little as $10 to show their support. I choose to stand with them.

I’ve knocked on close to 6,000 doors in Dripping Springs and Buda over my time in office, attended well over 100 HOA meetings and had more grocery store conversations than I can count in an attempt to understand and then address the issues of our community. I may not always see eye to eye with you, but I’m willing to have the conversation and be convinced otherwise. Facts matter and it’s become obvious that there are those who would rather get a job by slander than earn a job by working for it.

If you haven’t already decided how to vote, I would ask that you do your due diligence, research, talk to your friends and neighbors, and then make a choice in my race. If you choose to vote for me let me say thank you and if you don’t then I at least appreciate you making an effort to learn more.

You won’t see me playing in the realm of personal attacks and character assassination. Our community and Hays County are better than that.