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2017 Endorsements

Hon. Elizabeth Ames Coleman (Former Texas Railroad Commissioner)

Hon. Henry and Sheryl Bonilla (Former U.S. Congressman)

Ray and Connie Whisenant

Sheila Armitage

Chad and Treasure Fleming

Sharon Armke

Scott Roberts

Billy and Elizabeth Brandenburger

Shane and Elizabeth Bauerle

Rich and Sally Beggs

Darin and Laura Byrd

Brandt and Shana Whisenant

Courtney Champion

Karlon Cox

Joan Daniels

Eddie Dauterive

Josh and Jennifer Dugan

Scott and Kaimey Ela

Jeff and Cindy Foreman

J. Brandon Foster

Kevin Franta

Brent Gibbs

J.R. and Cindy Guess

Mark Hadley

Roger and Miranda Heaton

Jason and Kristine Hellberg

Whitney Herrera

Harrison Schultz

Brent and Lynn Dement

Brent Howell

Wally and Linda Kinney

Alyssa LaFevre

Keith and Jennifer LeFevre

William “Bill” Little

Karen Lockhart

Dee Marsh

Keith Middleton

Jason McNutt

Bob O’Boyle

Jeff and Sharon Goss

Joe and Kim Kapacziewski

Jeff and Missy Weber

Dan and Angela O’Brien

Buck and Lisa McLamb

Samuel and Mary Pat Paul

Trey and Kim Powers

Charles and Robin Robinson

Jocelyn Sexton

Mark Rabe

Stephen and Abby Raines

Deanna Scott

Russell and Carli Cunningham

John Kroll

Sam Siddons

Eddie and Alexia Dauterive

Nick Smith

Mellisa Starr Oehler

Sarah Starr

Chae and Monya Tracy

Scott Tomhave

Gavin Valle

Donna Weekley

Bryant and Allison Williams

Craig Van Engelen

Jennifer Young

Kevin and Stacey Zenor

Johnna Fasel Cunningham

Kevin and Ronda Pata

Ashley Tullis

Kyle and Annie Hollingshead

James and Lindie Gibbs

Stephen and Jill Delgado

David and Kathi Stanley

Marissa Fisk

Ralph Daniel

Eric Leonard

Scott and Betsy Smith

Mary Jane Hetrick

Ben and Nikki Kelton

Jamie and Lisa Cortinas

Kinnison Bryan

Christian and Josie Bloomgren

Travis and Marianne Gibson

Mandy Papp

Debi Wehmeier

Jenny Aston

Evan and Wendy Taddia

Larry Swafford

Donna Davidson Slack

Stephen and Caroline Bradford

Dennis and Kelly Lane

Chrystal Wells Gabel

Bethany Moore

Michele Ryon

Cindy Reynolds

George Manassian

David Estes

Paul and Sherrie Parks

Jeremy and Dominique Peel

Scott and Rebecca Hilleque